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As technology and society advance, so too do the worlds of marketing and publicity. At 43 Media, we strive to ride that wave of technology, using the latest techniques and equipment  to provide and produce the perfect blend of quality and content on every project, big or small, that we undertake.

As with everything we do, we will be there every step of the way, to shed a new light on your project, and to help you achieve an end-product you can be proud of.

The Fall - Dina Arriaza / Music Video

For the release of her new 2016 album, 43 Media conceived, shot, directed and produced the music video for Dina Arriaza's song "The Fall". Featuring Andreas Funklutz and filmed in Los Palacios y Villafranca in Spain.

Moulinage du Solier / Publicity Video

For several years 43 Media have worked hand in hand with Moulinage du Solier on their public rebranding, including this publicity video showing off their business and products.

Drone Films

One of the newest additions to 43 Media's toolbox is the capacity for 4K aerial photography. This video gives a short example of what we are capable of thanks to this new technology.

Sous l’ecorce coule la sève / Artistic Documentary

An important part of the video spectrum is the domain of the documentary. Inspired by the nature around him, Roger Benoit uses local wood for his art in this sculpture exhibition. 43 Media were also responsible for the lighting design, sound design and production management on this eight week long art installation.

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