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Over the years, professional videos have become an essential communication tool for businesses. Videos captivate and unite entertainment and information. They have also become one of the most powerful marketing tools for internet and social media use.

Professional videos are equally a great way to immortalise important life events such as weddings and birthdays. Being easy to hold on to, and to share; they are perfectly adapted to both professional and personal needs.

At 43 Media, we use the latest production techniques and technologies. For all your projects, big and small, 43 Media are ready to be there every step of the way. Meeting your needs and expectations to provide high quality professional videos every time.


Let our professional videos show you to the world!

Aurore & Mickaël | Wedding video

It's one of the happiest days in a couple's life, and you want to hold on to that memory with all the emotions and joy that come with it.
43 Media's wedding videos capture the best moments of your day, creating the perfect souvenir to cherish for life.

The video is all we hoped for! It's well shot, the emotion is there and the music choice is perfect!
It will allow us to always hold on to such a wonderful memory of such a big day.
Thank you for your professionalism, your discretion during the wedding and your generosity, it was a pleasure to work with you!
You are a super family business, please don't change!
Thank you 43 Media!

Aurore & Mickaël

The Fall - Dina Arriaza / Music Video

43 Media conceived, shot, directed and produced the music video for Spanish singer Dina Arriaza's song "The Fall".
The song also featured rapper, Andreas Funklutz and was filmed in Los Palacios y Villafranca in Spain.

Moulinage du Solier / Publicity Video

For several years 43 Media have worked hand in hand with Moulinage du Solier on their public rebranding.
The project included this publicity video showing off their business and products.

Drone Films

One of the newest additions to 43 Media's toolbox is the capacity for 4K aerial photography.
This video gives a short example of what we are capable of thanks to this new technology.

Sous l’ecorce coule la sève / Artistic Documentary

An important part of the video spectrum is the domain of the documentary.
Inspired by the nature around him, Roger Benoit uses local wood for his art in this sculpture exhibition.

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